Phone: (403) 359 – 8704

Hours: Tue – Fri: 8 – 3pm Weekends: 8 – 2pm Mondays: Closed

Lethbridge Best

Breakfast Destination


Everything needed to scratch that breakfast itch! Slather your plate in our home made jam’s and spreads!

Custom Events

We offer custom events that can be tailored to your liking. Private events available either at home, or off site.

Meal Packs

Easy-to-cook items that make for a nutritious, tasty dinner. Just pop the pack in your oven at 350 degrees!

Sunny, Snowy, Warm or cold

We’re always here!

As this city grows, our love for it grows as well. Making memories with the local scene is the identity we strive for. We do our best to express that sentiment through the plates that we serve.
We love you Lethbridge!

Sincerely, The Stella Family


What We Offer

Market Items

Pies, jams, sandwiches, salads, Grab-and-Go items just waiting to be picked up!

Daily Menu

Adjusting for the season, and how the city’s-a-feelin, check out what’s on menu!


Its a big day, Why not share your favorite meal with everyone!