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Chef Stella

Throughout the years Chef has worked at a couple well known businesses within Lethbridge. Working as a server when she was young, opening her own restaurant seemed like a dream. Travaglias was where the restaurant dream first took flight. She then began her culinary career at the Lethbridge Country Club, where she progressed to head chef. Making many long time friends and supporters along the way, they instilled the motivation to turn the dream into a reality.

Growing up in an Italian household, a lot of inspiration came from her family. You can often see Mama Stella working along side Chef Stella at the diner. As a matter of fact, you can often catch the whole family helping out at the diner. Because Chef Stella’s is a family matter, and most of all it is family that matters!

One of the most fun and comedic people you can find in Lethbridge, Chef has become well known for her love and compassion for everyone she meets. Make sure to say “Hey Chef!” when you walk in and you’ll see that big smile we all love.

Chef Sarah

If you’ve enjoyed our diner’s baked goods, Chef Sarah is to thank! Pies, cakes, pastries, squares. If you can name it, Sarah has likely made it. The market shelves are always stocked with creative and delicious items. Try a scone with her homemade jam or cinnamon spread the next time you’re in for breakfast. Her varieties of iced-tea and lemonade are perfect refreshments on a hot summer day!

Chef Sarah also makes a selection of sauces and spices incorporating fresh herbs from her garden. Ask for a side of her homemade hot sauce with your next meal. We know that you’ll enjoy these items and want to take some home. So head on over to our market page, or stop into the diner, for more information!